Soul Journal Journey

I have started a new art journal journey which is being hosted/run by Caspiana.  Samm from SoulfulArt at the Soul Food Cafe provided the link and inspiration to go have a play.  So play I am, although I started late so am several days behind but I don’t think that matters, the results and the learning are what counts.

I have done pages one and two so far and am working on pages 3 through 8.

Page 1: Claiming the book as your own:

Believe it or not this is my name page!  I was reluctant to do this – I am not sure why, but once I got started I had such fun – what a great experience – I spent hours, doodling, colouring, sticking, playing.  It really loosened me up.  I am thinking that in all future journals, and where I have space in those I have already done or started I shall make room or tip-in a name page – it is well worth it and definitely shows who owns the book.

Page 2: Protecting your Creative Spirit:

When I first looked at the prompt for this page, Sarah the initiating artist has used a suit of armor to depict her protector.  Armour really didn’t feel right for me so I thought long and hard and then slept on it.  Of course, the image that has hung by my bedside for many many years was the right one.  This is a drawn and painted copy of that image, one I created some fifteen years ago – she is one emanation of several protector-teachers that I have – at the time of her creation (she is a stitched tapestry on canvas) She named herself Raven Mother – quite apt eh :).  The mirror at the centre of her chest is to deflect and reflect negativity, the spiral shield I have placed at her crown as it represents for me both internal and external negative criticism and put-downs…the spiral transforming/transmuting these or just spiraling them away from me.  The red stone on the left depicts heat/energy and nature both nurturing and inspiring aspects of life.

I am enjoying this journey and realise that although I am working on several seemingly disparate projects at once they all are connected – each is teaching me very similar things.   I do so love this world of creativity and expression!


About Jill An artist inspired by nature in all her glorious guises and the ‘inner’ worlds I have inhabited in the past, present and future; also those of other wanderers I meet along the way.
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3 Responses to Soul Journal Journey

  1. Linda D. says:

    Jill, I absolutely adore the start of your soul journal – having seen the link on Claire’s blog, I’m off to do one too. But doubt that my armour will be anywhere near as brilliant as yours is. Definitely you :>

  2. Pearlz says:

    Wow this all sounds wonderful – hmm quite inspiring. I love your work here.

  3. paintinglady says:

    I LOVE this! (I am reading your blogs backwards, sorry). It is such a powerful image. Great work, I shall follow your progress with great interest on this project.

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