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Day 5 of 30

The foundation upon which I will piece the ground is now completed.  I am not sure it will stay this size – at present it is measuring  4′ x 5′ – I am thinking it may end up smaller …. but who knows :o).  The colours are so bad in this picture, not true to life at all … not sure what I can do to remedy it.  Hopefully the weather will improve and I can take it outside to get a decent picture.  Until then .. I am sure you get the general idea.


About Jill An artist inspired by nature in all her glorious guises and the ‘inner’ worlds I have inhabited in the past, present and future; also those of other wanderers I meet along the way.
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6 Responses to Back on

  1. As always your progress is great to see..I do have a question ..Is it not the way or is it that time is not relevant ? Do you normally start with the foundation or is it not necessary when you are the creator of your own world and story…..Your work is beautiful!!!!!

    • Jill says:

      Jo Anne, your question made me smile – yes it is normally the way to start with a foundation – I usually use thin cotton to piece/weave the ground onto, it gives a firmer surface to work on. However, this one started off as a block with the original intention of it being one of many which would then be joined together – but as I created the separate blocks it became very clear to me that they did not ‘work’ together, more, in fact, that each had a story contained within them – so instead of one cloth consisting of these blocks and more, I have ended up with the beginnings of three distinct cloths. Such is the way – I try to listen and follow instinct. Admittedly it is a lot more difficult working this way – still the foundation is now there so I can continue happily.
      Thank you for the compliment – it is much appreciated.

  2. Maz says:

    It’s looking good, you’re motoring along, Jill! ;o)

  3. Linda D. says:

    Great to see how you’re developing this from what was originally a block into a cloth. Even if more difficult to work this way, it’s looking good 🙂 Well done, you!!!

  4. Becky Loew says:

    This looks really good. When you have a cloth foundation that measures 4’x5′ you know that you have committed to a journey. It is amazing how it will end up…because it is still a mystery. I am trying a different approach from having a large foundation. I have made smaller foundations and kept the backing for each piece large enough to attach them together and then sew smaller pieces as needed to fill in the spaces that may be allowed in order for the blocks to fit. This is an experiment so I don’t know how well this will work.

    I have worked once from a large foundation. It is a lot of fabric to have to work around while working on one area. But you do have a sense of where you are going.

    What I like is the layers and shapes of your different pieces. Makes it look like a impressionistic painting. I am wondering if you are using a fusible to put those down or basting them first and then going back and securing them in another way more permanently? This really does have the feeling of a dream. Beautiful.

    • Jill says:

      Thank you so much – I am enjoying the process even though I am doing it back to front as it were. As for the piecing I am basting each piece in place using ‘invisible’ basting – basically a very small back stitch on the surface, longer one on the underside … it is a slow, laborious yet wonderful way to work … i am being taught great patience.

      As for your comment about it looking like an impressionistic painting – i couldn’t be more delighted – it is sitting on a table in front of me most of the time, when I am not working on it, and I must admit that each time I look up at it it lifts my spirit.

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