Oh hippie day ……

Sliding smoothly over yesterday – the first day of my second month of arting every day – what can I say – it was very sunny, wonderfully hot – if I could include chatting with friends, reading in the sun and/or loafing in the garden as art activities, then I did amazingly well yesterday – let’s move on!

Another gloriously sunny summer autumn day just right for some good old-fashioned tie-dyeing.  I have been meaning to dye some fabric pieces blue for ages – today I actually got on with it.

Cotton all tied up and ready to go:

One dye-pot of blue sparkling in the sun:

Tie-dye results:

As there was enough space in the dye pot I added in scraps of cotton, muslin, scrim and silk – that’s the lot above drying in the shade.

Guess who took off the rubber gloves too soon:

I have also stitched one feather (so far) for Jude‘s Magic Feather project – link is on the right.   I used a piece of cotton from a charity shop tablecloth which I had previously dyed with avocado I think, or a mix of leaves n’ stuff.

I shall make a couple more before sending them off to Jude.

Lovely day :).


About Jill

https://landofdreaming.wordpress.com An artist inspired by nature in all her glorious guises and the ‘inner’ worlds I have inhabited in the past, present and future; also those of other wanderers I meet along the way.
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2 Responses to Oh hippie day ……

  1. Linda D. says:

    Absolutely adore the feather. And those blues are to die for 😉 Great stuff!!!

  2. cicadiaxiii says:

    Very hippie indeed. It will be fun to see what you do with this rich blues and airy shadows.
    I like your feather.

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