Abstract in wool

Following a comment from Dreaming in Stitches,  I decided to show this piece which was stitched some years ago – it is wool on canvas, measuring roughly 2′ x  3′.  The work she has been doing is tempting me to return to this medium (go take a look here) – perhaps in a small way  – perhaps one of the doodles I am becoming addicted to doing will turn into one …


About Jill

https://landofdreaming.wordpress.com An artist inspired by nature in all her glorious guises and the ‘inner’ worlds I have inhabited in the past, present and future; also those of other wanderers I meet along the way.
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9 Responses to Abstract in wool

  1. Edith says:

    This is gorgeous Jill! I am so impressed that you stitched a piece of that size! I vacillate between writing and textiles as you know, but at the moment writing is taking all my time, although I am ‘allowing’ myself the luxury of one day away from the computer every week just to sit and spin and be…give the mind a rest! I checked out the site you mention above and her work is indeed lovely.

  2. This is magnificent – you really must do more – so eager to see where your doodles take you.

  3. vivian says:

    Oh wow! That is a wonderful eye-full! 😀
    Love the colours.
    Much love,

  4. pearlz says:

    Great to see you blogging more of your amazing work, so excited to see this post, and to be hit with all that colour.

  5. Linda D. says:

    Fabulous colours, almost missed this post – so glad I didn’t!!! You have SO much patience. 🙂

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