Six months and still dreaming ……

What have I been doing? – basically stitching very slowly – the same thing over and over again, hence the lack of posts.  The ground cloth is now fully stitched – here be pics:



These above would be the tree.  These below would be the night sky:



and this is the whole cloth – having stitched the ground I am really not sure about this now – the central figure and the idea of the cloth went with a story journey I participated in but is long since over so the relevance of the figure is questionable in my mind.  I have hung it up to watch and see what, if anything comes to mind.  Seems to me at this point it is only a ground cloth and that a lot more needs to be happening on it.  I have a couple of ideas but will wait a while until messing with it.




About Jill An artist inspired by nature in all her glorious guises and the ‘inner’ worlds I have inhabited in the past, present and future; also those of other wanderers I meet along the way.
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13 Responses to Six months and still dreaming ……

  1. Anny says:

    Oh Jill, it’s absolutely exquisite – so much to drink in – colours, textures, movement. It’s the sort of piece I’d want to sit and contemplate – often. I’m beginning to think that something of the pace and thought of the stitching process becomes imprinted in the piece, giving it an aura – I know, sounds terribly new age, but something that spends so much time in your hands, must absorb something of yourself. Love it!

  2. Linda D. says:

    Loving all that stitch and texture. And the colours are wonderful. Such a lot to look at and consider – I want to touch, lol!!! Am sure you’ll eventually work out what to do next – in the meantime, enjoy just having the cloth hanging around 🙂 It’s a delightful piece…

  3. vivian says:

    I agree with Anny, above! Wow, the cloth has absorbed so much and is so beautiful. I would love to have it around to meditate with it! 🙂 (And a hug to you, dear Jill.)

  4. Jill says:

    Thank you all for your comments – I now recall why blogging is a good idea – you get to see your pieces through others’ eyes – that in and of itself is so helpful – I am seeing the cloth anew after having been so close up to it for so many months .
    Hugs all round 😀

  5. what a beautiful piece, Jill. What size is it? I would love to see it ‘in the flesh’ as I’m sure the photos don’t really do it justice. It’s definitely a piece to sit and contemplate.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Wow. This is stunning. I am so impressed. What wonderful work.

  7. june perkins says:

    Love it, so amazing!

  8. gailkav says:

    This is simply amazing, such detail, such richness and texture. I’m thinking the figure is a coccoon waiting to emerge – was that the original story? It is just gorgeous as it is and full of meaning.

    • Jill says:

      In a way that is exactly what the story was about – it got somewhat convoluted, plus I never finished it – perhaps one day – I do prefer stitching. Thank you for such positive feedback.

  9. Pelican1 says:

    You are an artist of amazing patience and skill. Brava!

  10. Jill says:

    Thank you all for your feedback – it is still hanging on my wall, more and more I am seeing it is complete in and of itself – I won’t mess with it – just needs an edging now.

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