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About Jill An artist inspired by nature in all her glorious guises and the ‘inner’ worlds I have inhabited in the past, present and future; also those of other wanderers I meet along the way.

At long, long last …..

  this smallish cloth is finished – taken a while :).       the text comes from pages I altered originally for the Sketchbook project and then abandoned – seems they were right for this piece …. and here … Continue reading

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and then

a couple of flowers/trees have appeared:   not sure anything else is needed – apart from the stitching of course 🙂  

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who is she?

What was this:   has changed …. I wasn’t keen on the hard edges of the ‘sun’ – so I altered it, surrounding it with blue scrim:   the bird no longer seemed at home so I removed her – … Continue reading

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In the meantime ….

Whilst waiting to see what happens with the Dreaming cloth – which, more and more, seems to be echoing many of the comments here in that it is done – I have been looking at/listening to black hole sun which … Continue reading

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Six months and still dreaming ……

What have I been doing? – basically stitching very slowly – the same thing over and over again, hence the lack of posts.  The ground cloth is now fully stitched – here be pics: These above would be the tree. … Continue reading

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It’s oh so quiet, shh, shh …….

It’s that time of year – hibernation – stillness – stitching continues – pictures – not words (except to say the light is not good – the colours are much richer and deeper than they appear).

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ViDi with Linda – update

This is Linda’s book – her latest spread: my addition: slowly, slowly but surely we continue 🙂

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