Black Hole Sun

After having had this piece on the wall with the moon attached, (see here) I decided to try this ‘sun’ instead.  I much prefer it.  I am slowly, very slowly, adding to this – a collage in cloth.  I like the pace – it suits me right now.

*Tips hat* to Soundgarden for the title – it is one of my favourite songs so methinks that’s okay.

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Another Visual Dialogue begins

This time with Becky .   I am really happy to be engaging in another conversation, particularly as I have long been an admirer of Becky’s work.
Our beginnings:

My book – first “words” – quite sparse, deliberately so:


Becky’s opening discourse in her book is so full of colour – beautiful:


My response:

my response continued here:

and we are off!  Fabulous – I do enjoy these collaborative projects, especially with friends where there is no pressure on either side – no deadlines – no theme – only the free flow of conversation.

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Making a rainbow

I’ve been piecing some 6″ blocks in a kind of boro-style – ie rough edges – I love rough edges – but, if I decide to make enough to turn them into a rainbow quilt, I shall have to rethink and turn all the edges.  Since we have only glimpsed the sun in between all the rain I thought a rainbow was a good idea.


(although it looks very orange here, blame the light, it is red, honest)







Along with some of my own dyed pieces, I am making them using fabulous hand-dyed fabrics from the lovely Karen whose work and link to her shop you can find here.

No stitching as yet – depends what I decide to do as I make more – a hanging or a useable quilt.

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Linda’s book – ViDi

This time I decided to play in an earlier spread in Linda’s book.  This is the original spread which we had both worked on:


and this my latest addition:


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Abstract in wool

Following a comment from Dreaming in Stitches,  I decided to show this piece which was stitched some years ago – it is wool on canvas, measuring roughly 2′ x  3′.  The work she has been doing is tempting me to return to this medium (go take a look here) – perhaps in a small way  – perhaps one of the doodles I am becoming addicted to doing will turn into one …

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the moon has moved

I am trying it up in the corner now – still thinking to make it circular – not keen on those sharp angled corners – not very moon-like to my way of thinking.

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