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and then

a couple of flowers/trees have appeared:   not sure anything else is needed – apart from the stitching of course ūüôā   Advertisements

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Six months and still dreaming ……

What have I been doing? – basically stitching very slowly – the same thing over and over again, hence the lack of posts. ¬†The ground cloth is now fully stitched – here be pics: These above would be the tree. … Continue reading

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It’s oh so quiet, shh, shh …….

It’s that time of year – hibernation – stillness – stitching continues – pictures – not words (except to say the light is not good – the colours are much richer and deeper than they appear).

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Day 2 – more Dreaming

Stage 1 of day 2 – added a few more pieces to the base of the cloth. Stage 2: I decided to add a backing for the ground as I have been finding it increasingly difficult to piece this without … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in the Garden ….

A reminder of the Gaia’s Garden cloth so far: Before adding to the cloth I have decided to work on filling the centre square with stitch –¬† theory being that it will be easier to do this first – I … Continue reading

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No foundation weaving

The second technique I have been playing with is weaving fabric without a foundation, ie just like weaving threads.¬† The previous cloth weaving I’ve done has been with the strips/warp attached to a piece of¬† fabric.¬† With this method¬† the … Continue reading

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all the leaves

Seems they may have finally finished falling. Because¬† I wove the ground from strips of cloth, and since I left ragged edges to these strips because I love that look, and since I did not secure all these fabulous edges … Continue reading

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