Visual Dialogue 1

I have started a new one-to-one project with a very good friend and artist, Linda.   I am using a Khadi paper journal and Linda an altered book, prepped and gessoed in black – wonderful surface to work on.  I suppose the title is self-explanatory, we are to use no text or written words at all.  Apart from that, there are no other rules – we have agreed that we can work anywhere in the books – on each others’ spreads (I wholeheartedly encourage this) – adding to, altering, whatever speaks to be done or we can start an entirely new spread each time – it is entirely up to us as individuals to intuit where to go next.   As it is a visual dialogue I will upload the pictures but make no comments save a title.

This is the conversation that is taking place in Linda’s AB.

Linda’s original spread:

My response:



Can you spot Linda’s additions below?:



Now into August – I have slowed down considerably – normal service will be resumed, no doubt, at some point.  Here are the latest additions:



Whole spread view:












11 Responses to Visual Dialogue 1

  1. Anita Marie says:

    Jill that was an AWESOME idea! I really enjoyed this-!!!!

  2. senua says:

    this is amazing! i would love to do something like this with a friend. and doing it without words is perfect.

  3. These are great Jill. I spotted the fairy. Lovely work!

  4. suzanne says:

    Great pages – they echo your work with cloth.

  5. The concepts you are working with are utterly fascinating Jill – and inspiring. Such magnificent imagery.

  6. woodnymph says:

    This is an absolutely fascinating project. To work with someone else and not use words means you are communicating through your artistic images alone. What a great concept.


  7. Kerry says:

    and what great results from your creative collaboration!

  8. June says:

    i am enjoying this collaboration thanks for posting it (:

  9. Sally says:

    Wow! My eyes drank it all in and are visually satisfied. What fun and what beauty! I have some friends that do that with quilts. But your journals are the best collaborations I’ve seen!

  10. GwenGuin says:

    These are just lovely! I’ve studied them three times now, and I’m nowhere near seeing everything in them. The individual oages remind of the first book I consciously remeber, a coffee table book on Greek Mythology. How exciting and inspiring they are!

    I need to do something like this… I have all sorts of goodies I could add via my printer, what with all the image files, and PSP goodies!! *chortling and rubbing my hands together* I have been getting ‘the itch’ to return to my visual arts roots.I started concentrating on my verbal skills after my eyesight got too poor to paint like I want to.


  11. Edith says:

    Wow! What an amazing collaborative project! Love it!

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